The 2A Continental Architectural Awards for Asia Winners announced

in October 20th,2017- Berlin

2A magazine is pleased to announce the final winners of 2A Asia Architecture Award 2017.  Under the organization of 2A magazine and presence of Ahmad Zohadi (head of organizing committee of the award) The 2017 jury, Nader Ardalan, , Waro Kishi, Shirish Beri decided on the winners for each category in a jury panel took place Beuth Technical University Berlin.
This year’s 2AAA took place in two stages. The First Stage Entry started at June 15, and with 20 days extension, closed on August 15th , 2017.
The response to the Call for the submission was very strong. Out of 457 submitted projects in seven categories. .
During August 2017, the entries from 7 categories, have been reviewed and assessed by Jury and with respect to the award main goal which is defined as:
To identify essences of Architecture in Asia and to glorify the importance of social and cultural identityand significance of spirituality along with physical aspects of architecture.
The competition sought to award individuals or teams that have demonstrated the closest idea/architecture to the main award goal with respect to defined Judging Criteria, as follows:

• Design Achievement
• Contextual Analysis and Studies
• Technical Advancement
• Innovative Use of Material
• Reflection of Sense of Place and Ecology (Environmental Sustainability)
• Reflection of Cultural Identity
• Social Responsibility and Community and Urban Connectivity
• Effects of Economical Condition

162 projects received the accepted score in 7 categories and invited to submit final boards for the second stage judgment and the exhibition. At second stage, short listed printed boards were presented in and discussed by the jury board on October 18, 2017 in Beuth Technica University.

Left to Right: Nadar Ardalan, Ahmad Zohadi, Waro Kishi, Shirish Beri
Photos by: Siavash Bagheri

The final stage judgment done by voting to the projects, and below projects were selected as winners of 2A Asia Architecture Award 2017, as follows:


1- “Substrate Factory Ayase” designed by Aki Hamada, project'Country: Japan– Second Place

2- “Choui Fong Tea Cafe” designed by Jeravej Hongsakul, project'Country: Thailand– Second Place


3- “Mohammad Rasul‐allah Mosque” designed by Paya Payrang architectural Group, project'Country: Iran– Second Place

4- “Tehran Book Garden” designed by Design Core [4s] Architects & Urban Designers- Sam Tehranchi, project'Country: Iran– Second Place

5-“BE friendly sapce” designed by Doan Ha, project'Country: Vietnam– First Place

Old & New

6-“leave” designed by Tsubasa Iwahashi, project'Country: Japan– Third Place

7-“SIRI HOUSE” designed by Jeravej Hongsakul, project'Country: Thailand– Third Place

8-“KAMOI Factory” designed by Makoto Takei, project'Country: Japan– Second Place

9-“Triangle cafe” designed by Amir Hossein Ashari, project'Country: Iran– Second Place


10-“Villa 131” designed by Shervin Hosseini, project'Country: Iran– Third Place

11-“Farmhouse at Mahiravani” designed by Sanjay Patil, project'Country: India– Third Place

12- “KA House” designed by Jeravej Hongsakul, project'Country: Thailand– Second Place

13-“Family Retreat at Malabe” designed by Palinda Kannangara, project'Country: Sri Lanka– First Place

Urban Projects, Rural Projects, Landscape & Public Spaces

14- “Isfahk historic village revitalization & restoration project” designed by Faramarz Parsi, project'Country: Iran– Third Place

15-“The Pause” designed by Amir Hossein Ashari, project'Country: Iran– Second Place

16- “HIDDEN PICTOGRAMSRECREATION OF A SOCIAL/CULTURAL PEDESTRIAN PATH” designed by Mohammad Mohammadzede, project'Country: Iran– First Place

Interior Architecture

17- “Venus Glass Office” designed by Reza Najafian, project'Country: Iran– Second Place

18- “Renovation of the private clinic” designed by Hamed Badri Ahmadi & Morteza Shabanifar, project'Country: Iran– Second Place

19-“Mành Mành salon” designed by Doan Ha, project'Country: Vietnam– Second Place

20-“GOLD GALLERY 28” designed by 2 point, project'Country: Iran– First Place

Future Projects and Innovative Designs

21-“Coral Seafood Restaurant” designed by Farshad Kazerooni,Farnaz Bakhshi, Azin Soltani, project'Country: Iran– Second Place

22-“The Rajasthan Club” designed by Sanjay Puri, project'Country: India– Second Place

23-“Jiroft Elementary School” designed by Mohmmad Arab, Mina Moeineddini, Elaheh Hajdaei, project'Country: Iran– Second Place

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