The Scoring Report of All Qualified  Projects of  2A Asia Architecture Award 2017

  The following table shows the scores which have been judged by Jury members.
  Note 1: The score numbers from 19 up to 30 have been selected to be candidate for winning  the 2A Asia Architecture Award 2017

Note 2: Total participants of 2A Asia Architecture award: 457(qualified projects) and total
 candidates' projects [nominees] for winning the award:171

Note 3: Candidates for winning the 2A Asia Architecture Award 2017 receive their congratulation letter and more details, shortly.

Note 4: Even tough only 171 out 457 participants have moved to the second round and have become a candidate, however all of the participants are professional and respectful architects and we really appreciate the submission of their project, hereby invite and welcome them all to join us at this unique 2A Continental Architectural Award for Asia and Europe Ceremony and Conference.

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