Ceremony, Conference & Exhibition
Award Ceremony:

Category winners will be publicly announced on October 20th, 2017 in a gathering[ceremony] taking place in "ESTREL HOTEL" at 18.30- 20.00


2A Annual Architectural Conference Berlin, 2017:

2A Magazine is pleased to announce a conference discussion panel taking place on October 20th 2017, in Berlin (15.30-17.30):

A unique opportunity to both academics and practitioners to share their vision, information, ideas and experiences relating to contemporary architecture in Asia and Europe.

The Conference is a professional platform to share, and discuss about innovative Architecture in Asia and Europe continents. This gathering is a room to talk about new directinents.

Architectural approaches:

·         Unity in Diversity in today’s Europe- Asia Architecture

·         A Forum for international interaction and Exchanging Theories and Practices of Architecture

·         Sharing Ideas from Various Origins

·         Contextual Analysis and Studies in Europe- Asia

·         Architectural Networking between Europe and Asia


Innovative Architecture in Asia and Europe

Conference Speakers:

Nader Ardalan

President, Ardalan Associates, Architects

Board of Directors, the Forum for Architecture, Culture & Spirituality



Lecture's theme:
Envisioning the transcendent dimensions of design


A statement of support for the value and benefits of the UN Sustainable Development Goals and a summary of how it can be enhanced and made more comprehensive by the inclusion of the following themes:

·         Tangible and Intangible dimensions of culture as significant elements of Design

·         Role of Transcendent Consciousness in Architecture & Placemaking

·         Impact of Beauty in nurturing a sense of Well-Being in the Built Environment

·         A dynamic sense of Cultural Identity provides continuity within change

·         The intentions of ACSF to write a Manifesto of Transcendent Design

Waro Kishi


Architect, Professor at Kayoto University of  Art and Design


Lecture's theme:

History/ Contemporariness

Eike Becker

Eike Becker_architekten

Lecture's theme:

Unity in Diversity in Today's europe-asia architecture


After having just last week returned from Hong Kong I want to emphasize on the collaboration potentials between European and Asian architects, planners, developers and public institutions. Unity in diversity is a great headline for my position as well. Questions about density (Can European cities learn from the more compact Asian approach?), community (Shouldn’t we work on building communities instead of focusing on the construction of streets, buildings and public spaces?), quality of life (Shouldn’t we aim for raising the quality of life for many instead of enabling few to become rich and happy?), mixed use (Aren’t quarters that offer housing, working, leisure and infrastructure close together more successful than single use ghettos?), digitalization (Without Social Media, mobile internet and smartphone apps soon nothing will work within the real estate business.) and individualization (Societies are diversifying with accelerating speed. How are our cities – west or east – reflecting this?) are the issues I would like to address for my European point of view. Beyond that I have a strong focus on public institutions that have to play a leading role within these complex processes on our way to better cities.

Discussion Panel:

- Waro Kishi
- Nader Ardalan
- Eike Becker
- Shirish Beri
- Sergei Tchoban

Interactive Exhibition:

The nominees projects boards will be displayed in the Exhibition during the day.

Who Can Attend?

- Free for the award participants and candidates.

- Non-participants and professionals are also welcome to attend the award ceremony by sending [a request] via email to  get confirmation.
info@award2a.com , pr@2amagazine.com

Media Attendees:

• Our Media partners and other journalists and press members representing their media outlets, are welcome to attend the event free of charge as long as they satisfy the terms of our press policy. Applicants who fail to meet the terms and conditions will be charged the regular rate to attend.

Press Policy:

• Press Pass at the event is restricted to publishers, editors, journalists, photographers, broadcasters and web bloggers associated with the event subject area. Members of all these media interested in requesting a press pass might be required to complete an application form and produce accreditation in the form of a photocopy of a recognized press identification, a letter from the editor or an official web address linking to a press release in order to verify their position. For media interested in requesting a press pass, Please email your inquiry to: info@award2a.com. Please indicate your email subject as: Press Pass inquiry. Once we receive your email, please allow up to two weeks for an email indicating specific instructions for registering.

Please note:

2ACAA shall not be able for reimbursing the cost of travel or accommodation arrangements made by individual delegates.

Significant Viewpoint:

Theme of the award and conference - discussion panel is: Innovative Architecture  in Asia and Europe

The event will be published by 2A magazine as a recorded history.
Meeting this goal, 2A magazine will take another step towards creating a room for all architects around the Glob to expend and enrich their vision about architecture.
Moreover, this professional interaction among Asian and European architects will foster the following objectives and benefits:
• Exchange of knowledge, experience and information in terms of general strategy and urban planning:
Asia and Europe have rich culture, history and unique and at the same time diverse and colorful architectural background, and they have tried and worked hard to preserve their own respective cultural identity and at the same time meet the demands of the contemporary challenges and requirements of modern lifestyle which is burdened with over population and environmental pollution. 

Architectural Approaches: 

Unity in Diversity in Today’s Europe- Asia Architecture
A Forum for International Interaction and Exchanging Theories and Practices of Architecture 
Sharing Ideas from Various Origins 
Contextual Analysis and Studies in Europe - Asia  
•Architectural  Networking between Europe and Asia 

Help Enhance Peace, Compassion and Unity around the World:
Any form of art like architecture have a magical quality which may be subtle and invisible to many people. It has the power to help both the artists and its observers to shift their attention and viewpoints from the material to more subtle esthetic, ethical, social, cultural and sometimes spiritual dimensions, and in doing so it helps to bring people closer together, and enhance peace, kindness and unity among different ethnic groups and nations. In a way, it shifts the focus from segregation to unity. From dividing mental approach which may focus only on differences which tries to show one group is superior to another, into a more humanistic and even spiritual approach which focuses on similarities and unifying factors such as esthetic, common human emotions such as need to love, charity and worship.
2ACAA organizer hopes to achieve a broader goal, which is by bringing architects who are also creative artists ,together and providing an opportunity for sharing and interacting ideas, help enhance peace, friendship, and disseminate the wave of unity, friendship and peace around the world.

Why Enter?
The gathering is an opportunity to:
• Experience a diverse environment of cultures, identities, themes, ideas.
• Connect with some leading International architects and listen to some serious discussions about today and future of architecture.
• Share your professional ideas with your professional community from all over the world.
• Reach new markets and new clients.

12057 Sonnenallee 225       
Date :
 October 20th ,2017  
Conference: 15.00-17.30
Award ceremony: 18.30-20.00