Award Characteristic and Viewpoints:

- Ideas Regarding Various Origins
- Conceptualization and Design Achievement
- Contextual Analysis and Studies
- Technical Advancement
- Innovative Use of Material, Modern life and technology
- Reflection of Sense of Place and Ecology
- Reflection of Cultural Identity
- Social Responsibility and Urban Connectivity
- Effects of Economical Condition
- Artistic and Aesthetic Criteria

Free Online Submission & Registration

Note 1: Participants should register for the award based on the continent where the project is located.

Note 2: 2A Africa architecture Award & 2A Oceania Architecture Award will be organized from 2018.

-Deadline for submission in 2A Asia Architecture Award 2017, has been extended to July 28th, 2017

-Deadline for submission in 2A Europe Architecture Award 2017,  has been extended to August 15th ,2017

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